Baja Malibu

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2.9 out of 5 stars (based on 20 reviews)

Baja Malibu presents an ideal escape for surfers seeking a world-class surfing experience, with its extended periods of NW swell. What sets this destination apart is its unique blend of NW and S/SSW swell, offering surfers the exciting opportunity to ride a diverse range of waves to enhance their skills. Furthermore, the offshore bathymetry of Baja means that surfers often encounter powerful waves, adding an exhilarating dimension to their experience. It's worth noting that both offshore and onshore winds play a significant role in shaping the surf encounter. Offshore winds enhance the waves, creating prime conditions for surfers, while onshore winds can render the waves less favorable for riding.


Surfspots Rating : 4 Star

Consistency - 64

Seabed - Sand

 Level - Intermediate

Ideal Conditions

Wave Direction - Right

Swell Direction - Southwest (SW)Northwest (NW)West-northwest (WNW)

Wind Direction - East (E)Northeast (NE)East-northeast (ENE)East-southeast (ESE)

Best Tide - Medium


Best Season - JanuaryOctoberNovemberDecember

Locals - Moderate

Crowd - Medium Crowded

Ideal Board - Short

Wave Height - 33.5 m

Water Quality - Bad

Kite Surfing - Yes

Wind Surfing - Yes

Wave Power : Strong


Parking - Yes

WC - Yes

Shower - Yes

Restaurant - Yes

Boat Needed - No

4x4 Needed - No


Boat Needed - No
4x4 Needed - No


Surfing Baja Malibu brings the double threat of board-breaking thick lips and petty theft.





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Very good34%


Where is Baja Malibu located?

Baja Malibu is situated in the Tijuana Municipality, located in the northern region of Baja California, Mexico. This renowned surf spot lies along the coastline, offering surfers a scenic backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Positioned just south of the bustling city of Tijuana, Baja Malibu attracts both local and international surf enthusiasts.

What is the beach's name?

The surf spot Baja Malibu is located near Playas de Tijuana in the Tijuana Municipality, Baja California, Mexico. Playas de Tijuana, often referred to as "Playas," is the specific beach area where Baja Malibu is situated. This coastal stretch is known for its scenic shoreline along the Pacific Ocean, attracting locals and visitors alike.

How do I get to Baja Malibu?

The preferred method to get to Baja Malibu is by car or motorcycle. For those driving, follow the designated route, such as the Tijuana-Ensenada Scenic Road (Highway 1D), until reaching Baja Malibu. This provides flexibility and convenience. 


Public transportation options, like buses or shared transit, are also available.

Are there any public transportation options to reach Baja Malibu?

Yes, there are public transportation options to reach Baja Malibu. The following transit lines have routes that pass near the spot:


  • Rosarito
  • Tijuana Bus Station
  • Tijuana Buena Vista
  • Virginia Avenue Transit Center
  • Camino De La Plaza & Virginia Av

Is there parking available?

Yes, in the vicinity of the Baja Malibu, there are paid parking lots accessible for visitors. These parking facilities offer a convenient option for individuals looking to access the beach with ease.

Can I camp in Baja Malibu or nearby?

Yes, camping is permitted both directly on Baja Malibu and on nearby beaches. This flexibility provides surf enthusiasts with the option to immerse themselves in the surf culture and coastal ambiance for an extended period. Whether choosing to set up camp directly at Baja Malibu or exploring the neighboring beaches, camping facilities offer a unique opportunity to stay close to the surf action

Are there any camping facilities or RV parks nearby?

Yes, there are camping facilities & RV parks nearby. For camping facilities or RV parks near Baja Malibu, options include Playa Norte RV Park in Los Barriles, which offers a beachfront location with amenities. However, here are a few camping facilities and RV parks that you can get access to:
Baja Glamping

Clam Beach RV Park

El Valle RV Park

Is there an entrance fee in Baja Malibu?

No, there is no entrance fee at Baja Malibu Beach.

What are the beach's opening hours?

Baja Malibu is open 24/7.

How big are the waves at Baja Malibu?

The waves at Baja Malibu vary in size, depending on the conditions. On days with optimal conditions, the waves can reach heights of up to 7 feet, providing an exciting experience for surfers. However, on smaller days or less favorable conditions, the wave height can drop to as low as 2 feet.

Are there lifeguards on duty?

Yes, there are lifeguards on duty.

Is Baja Malibu crowded?

Baja Malibu experiences a moderate level of crowding. 

Is Baja Malibu more suitable for advanced surfers or beginners?

Baja Malibu is more suitable for intermediate surfers.

Are there any hazards in the water that surfers should be aware of?

Yes, surfers at Baja Malibu should be aware of specific hazards, particularly board-breaking thick lips. These challenging wave conditions can pose a risk to surfers, emphasizing the importance of caution and skill in navigating the waters at this surf spot.

What is the water temperature like in Baja Malibu?

In Baja Malibu, the water temperature changes during the year. In the warmer months, like early September, the sea is at its warmest, around 66 to 72°F. In the colder months, like February, it's coldest, ranging from 55 to 63°F. The sea is usually at its warmest at the beginning of September.

Do I need a wetsuit to surf in Baja Malibu?

Yes, a wetsuit is recommended for surfing in this spot, considering the water temperature of 61°F. Given this relatively cool water temperature, especially during certain seasons, wearing a wetsuit provides essential insulation for surfers, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable experience in the water.

Is there a specific tide that is best for surfing at Baja Malibu?

The best tide to surf at Baja Malibu is Medium.

Are there public restrooms and changing facilities?

Yes, there are public restrooms and changing facilities.

Are there rentals available for surf equipment?

Yes, there are rentals available for surf equipment, such as Mexmob.

Are there any beachfront restaurants or cafes?

Yes, there are beachfront restaurants and cafes, such as Las Brisas, Popotla Restaurant & Bar, Patagonia 1829, & Beach House Café.

Are there surf lessons available in Baja Malibu?

Yes, there is Escuela de Surf Tijuana nearby.

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