11 Best Noseriding Longboards: Mastering the Art of Noseriding

Ah, the art of noseriding—smoothly gliding on the tip of a longboard, sensing the power of the ocean beneath you, and merging with the wave. If you're a passionate surfer who values the age-old craft of noseriding, you already know how important choosing the perfect board is to achieving that air of effortless elegance. Don't worry, fellow wave dancers; we've compiled a list of the top 11 longboards for noseriding that will have you hanging ten with grace and flair. Prepare to go off on an adventure using classic surf craft that fuses innovation and tradition while riding the nose in the manner of the wave.

1. Bing Silver Spoon: Classic Elegance, Modern Performance

Best Noseriding Longboards

The Bing Silver Spoon is a marvel of noseriding that expertly combines traditional beauty with contemporary design. This board's noseriding qualities are preserved while allowing for smooth turns because of its slightly pulled-in tail design. It is a delight to noseride on small to medium-sized waves thanks to the ample rocker and pinched rails, which offer superb control and trim.

2. Robert August What I Ride: Embrace the Classic Soul of Surfing

Best Noseriding Longboards

The Robert August What I Ride longboard is a great option for surfers who wish to exemplify traditional noseriding. Based on the well-known "Endless Summer" board, this traditional nose rider has a broad nose, a concave bottom, and a kicked tail. It allows you to cruise and hang ten in the timeless fashion of the bygone surfing age.

3. Takayama In the Pink: Timeless Beauty and Noseriding Magic

This Donald Takayama creation, appropriately titled "In the Pink," is a marvel of noseriding craftsmanship. Thanks to its traditional log design and modest concave, it effortlessly glides and hangs ten on even the smallest waves. The Takayama In the Pink longboard, which captures the spirit of noseriding unlike any other, is a tribute to the seamless interaction between rider and wave.

4. Surftech Takayama Model T: Cutting-Edge Performance with Classic Roots

The Surftech Takayama Model T provides nose riders who desire a fusion of heritage and modern performance with the ideal harmony. It combines lightweight construction with the classic noseriding longboard's timeless shape, all made from cutting-edge materials. You'll discover you can ride waves with unparalleled flair and stability while dancing gracefully on the nose.

5. Firewire Special T: Elevate Your Noseriding Game

The Firewire Special T is a modern spin on the traditional nose rider to help you improve your noseriding skills. Finding the ideal location on the board for nose riding is simple, thanks to its distinctive parabolic rail design, which increases sensitivity and responsiveness. Glide on this contemporary beauty with grace and style.

6. CJ Nelson Sprout: Smooth Noserides, Smooth Style

The CJ Nelson Sprout is the only longboard you need to consider if you want smooth noserides and smooth styling. This log-style nose rider's large nose and pulled-in tail give it remarkable noseriding qualities and superb maneuverability. It's the ideal option for surfers who wish to improve their noseriding.

7. Stewart Redline 11: Noseriding Perfection with Ultimate Stability

The Stewart Redline 11 is a real noseriding machine that combines absolute stability and flawless noseriding. Thanks to its flat entry rocker and classic form, you will hang ten with grace and ease, even on the slightest waves. Prepare to be enchanted by the enchantment of noseriding as this board sweeps you skilfully across the face of the wave.

8. Walden Mega Magic: Magic in Noseriding and More

A flexible longboard that excels in all elements of surfing, notably noseriding, is the Walden Mega Magic. You'll learn to nose ride with comfort and control thanks to the broad nose, concave bottom, and rolled rails. Not only that, but this board is also ideal for people who enjoy carving turns and the delight of classic longboarding.

9. Modern Surfboards Blackbird: A Versatile Noserider for All Skill Levels

Suitable for surfers of all skill levels, the Modern Surfboards Blackbird is a versatile nose rider. For individuals who are just beginning to learn the art of noseriding, it's a perfect option because it has a more accommodating contour and user-friendly features. However, it still allows seasoned surfers to hang ten and dance on the nose like experts.

10. McTavish Original Trim: A Classic Noserider with Timeless Style

You're entering the world of traditional noseriding at its best with the McTavish Original Trim. This classic board has excellent noseriding qualities thanks to its parallel outline, minimal rocker, and enough volume. Thanks to this timeless masterpiece, you can gently trim and hang ten like the old legends.

11. BZ Cova Retro Noserider: A Blast from the Past

Best Noseriding Longboards

Not least of all, the BZ Cova Retro Noserider revives the heartfelt spirit of noseriding from earlier decades. Its vintage-inspired log design and light rocker let you glide and hang ten while feeling nostalgic. On this lovely homage to the history of surfing, embrace the spirit of the past while surfing the present waves.


Noseriding is an everlasting dance of grace and rhythm with the ocean, regardless of the ebbs and flows of surfing trends. The 12 top noseriding longboards we've examined in this post combine tradition, innovation, and creative expression to allow you to glide on the tip of your board with grace and talent. These boards will have you hanging ten with happiness and soulful stoke, regardless of your experience level or where you are as a nose rider.

So immerse yourself in the age-old sport of noseriding, my fellow wave dancers. Find the longboard that speaks to your soul, catch the ideal wave, and let the rhythms of the sea inspire you as you dance on the nose. The enchantment of noseriding awaits you with these longboards at your side, embracing the ageless bond between rider, board, and the ever-changing waves.

Oliver Jones

Written by Oliver Jones

I'm a dedicated surfer and writer, and my heart truly belongs to the ocean. Surfing is not just a sport but a way of life for me. I ride the waves in the water and on paper, pouring my passion into every word I write.

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