8 Best Surf Spots In Morocco

High swells, perfectly warm water, and cheap traveling–now that’s a surfer's paradise. Along with some amazing destinations, Morocco has gained huge popularity in the surfing world. Explore the best surf spots in Morocco that will make you feel like riding the waves in Hawaii…

When you think about Morocco, you can easily picture a stunning land graced with majestic mountains, lively cities that breathe culture and history, and a breathtaking coastline kissed by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Morocco, a.k.a The Kingdom of Morocco, is a north-African country and is a top surfing destination with a wide range of surfing spots. From killer high waves of Anchor Point to fun shallow beach-breaks of Essaouira, the place guarantees a consistent wave for all levels of surfers.

Surf culture is quite prominent in Morocco. You can find many tourists walking through the cities and enjoying sun-soaked days at the beach. What’s more, the cost of food and surf camps is notably budget-friendly, and the hospitality is as warm as the Moroccan sun. And when you feel like exploring a different side of the country, do check out one of the largest deserts in the world, “The Sahara Desert.

If you're planning a surfing trip to Morocco, you're in luck! This guide is your ticket to all the info you need to discover your ideal surf destination.

Surfing Season in Morocco

There are over 28 surfing spots along the widely stretched coastline of Morocco. The best time to plan your surf trip to this amazing destination is during WINTER. You can find decent- large swells from September to April when an off-shore breeze from the desert provides optimal surf conditions. 

It's not as chilly as other countries, but don't forget to pack your wetsuit. Spring and fall bring the good stuff, too, with warmer air temp, but the swells are pretty mellow. Summertime is often avoided by surfers because of gusty winds and flat spells.

How to Get There 

Souk to Surf shuttle and Taxi Service works in Morocco that will help you reach your desired surfing spots. When it comes to Morocco, the best way to travel is to drive in your vehicle or rent a car, as most of the surfing spots are located nearby, and you’ll have a greater chance of exploring. Taxis are also available but may cost a little more. Some spots are not easily accessible, and it's best to ask a local to guide you to the spot.


There are some really awesome places to see when you're visiting all of these surf spots. For instance, Taghazout is a charming and vibrant little fishing village with pleasantly old-fashioned cafes, streets made of cobblestones, and local markets where you can shop for fresh food and fruits.

Taghazout is famous for its relaxed vibes and the friendly locals trying to sell you stuff. The market is a great place to pick up souvenirs, surf gear, colorful clothes, and accessories.

Near Anchor Point, you’ll discover the breathtaking Paradise Valley, where you can enjoy hiking through stunning landscapes and cliff-jumping into pools and waterfalls. When waves are not working out for ya, you can also check out the Skatepark, where you can find skating enthusiasts, and Souss-Massa National Park, where you can enjoy your time bird-watching.

Take a leisurely stroll through the lush banana field or visit the beautiful city of Essaouira and explore its historical medina, fishing port, Galerie la Kasbah, and Yasmine Quad. 

1. Anchor Point,Taghazout

Spot Type: Point Break

Best Wind Direction: N/W

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Swell size: 3-15 ft

Located 25 km away from Agadir city, Anchor Point stands as Morocco's premier surfing hotspot. Known locally as Almadraba, this rocky coastline boasts an array of wave sizes that are favorites of most seasoned surfers.

With its history dating back to the 1960s, when Australian surfers first conquered its challenging waves, it remains a top choice for surfers seeking the thrill of high and daunting waves.

Surfing Anchor Point

This right-hand break craves a hefty N/W swell to show its real magic. The sweet spot is during low tide, but when the swell is cranking, it can also go off at mid tide. You can find smaller 3ft to 5ft waves that most intermediate surfers enjoy, while the high waves may go up to 6-15 ft, posing a challenge for expert surfers.

You can dive in from 2 different positions. Either jump from a rocky point and start paddling south to catch some high-quality waves or paddle from the sandy beach behind Anchor Point, which requires more effort but is less dangerous.

The waves are pretty heavy due to the shallow rocky bottom and large swells, resulting in long hold-down times and plenty of green room to surf. The best season to surf here is winter (Nov-March)  

2. Killer Point, Taghazout

Spot Type: Point Break

Best Wind Direction: West and N/W

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Swell size: 3-15 ft

Don’t worry; the place is not as deadly as it sounds. Killer Point got its name from killer whales that were seen in the area. It’s an exceptional site that brings surfers from all around. When it's working, it can generate powerful, consistent waves, sick barrels, and high swells.

Surfing at Killer Point

The location offers very long and occasionally powerful right-hand waves with a sandy bottom mixed with rocks. Surfers with experience will find this spot ideal, especially during mid and high tides when the wave is rising. However, be cautious of urchins in the area.

The best swell and wind direction is from the north. Waves at this location can hold up to 3 meters (15 ft) and are known for their fast, thrilling rides. During winter, the Atlantic Ocean creates powerful swells. The best time to surf is from October to March. But be prepared for a little paddling.

3. La Source, Taghazout

Spot Type:  Reef Break

Best Wind Direction: North-East

Difficulty Level: All levels

Swell size: 1.5-6 ft

La Source is another great surfing spot near Taghazout that is famous for reliable and consistent waves. It’s a gorgeous beach where you can relax, enjoy sunbathing, and watch experienced surfers in action. Here, you can find some perfect A-frames and wave sizes that suit surfers of all levels. 

Surfing La Source

When you are surfing at La Source, you can be sure of clean, rideable waves. It gets fun as the place experiences offshore winds from the N/E and reliable groundswells from the N/W. 

You can surf both the lefts and rights, but ultimately, you’ll be cruising over a rock reef bottom. When it comes to tides, set your eyes on mid to high tides for the ultimate session, for top-notch waves aim for the winter season, particularly in January. So, if you're planning a trip to Morocco, La Source is a great surf spot to showcase your expertise.

4. Banana Point, Tamraght-Aourir

Spot Type: Point Break

Best Wind Direction: East, South-east

Difficulty Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Swell size: 3-6 ft

Banana Point is a stunning coastal spot located on the southern coast of Morocco. It is famous for its yummy tajines and banana fields. The beach is suitable for surfers of all levels, offering small waves to challenging high swells. It's a go-to choice after a more laid-back and less-crowded vibe compared to Anchor Point.

Surfing at Banana Point

Banana Point is a right-hander point break that is known for delivering consistent surf conditions. The waves here are soft and can provide long rides. Paddling out is super easy, thanks to a convenient channel right next to the rocks that spits you out in the line-up.

The best time to surf is during December, when you can find winds blowing in from East, S/E. Most of the waves at this point roll in from ground swells, and the real sweet spot is when the winds team up with N/W swells. You can see some awesome tube sections that make it an unforgettable ground for surfers.

5. Tamri, Agadir

Spot Type:  Beach Break

Best Wind Direction: South

Difficulty Level: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

Swell size: 2-5 ft

If you wanna run away from the hustle and bustle, consider taking a walk on this gorgeous sandy beach that gives you a relaxing vibe. Tamri is located in South West Morocco near Taghazout.

It is also the second banana town in Morocco, as it is surrounded by lush green forest that enhances its beauty. The water here is also used for irrigation purposes. You can find some cozy cafes and local restaurants where you can enjoy different cuisines while watching a stunning coastal view.

Surfing in Tamri

When you feel like Taghazout is not working great for ya, you can check out Tamri for some rideable surf, especially when the place receives offshore winds from the east, which, when combined with N/W groundswells. It works great on low tide and high tide.

The best time to wax your board is during winter, especially December, when you can find bigger swells to challenge you. The best part is, it's never too crowded. If you're new to the whole surfing thing, you can still find some mellow waves to start practicing.

6. The Bay, Imsouane

Spot Type:  Point Break

Best Wind Direction: North-East

Difficulty Level: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

Swell size: 3-6 ft

You can ride the longest right-handers (a staggering 800m), at the Imsouane Bay, a.k.a “The Bay.”. Surfers can really enjoy their sessions as the place is less crowded than Taghazout. While it has its challenges, like accessibility and varying wave conditions, it remains a sought-after destination for those who crave longer rides.

Surfing in Imsouane Bay

The best time to visit the place is during the winter season, as summer tends to bring less-than-ideal waves. These right-handers are best enjoyed when the tide is at a low to medium level. You can paddle out by carefully maneuvering along the harbor's sea wall. Surfers usually use an energy-saving tactic; that is, they enjoy walking to the line-up.

If you're just starting out in the surf game, you’ll find a sweet spot near the shore with waves that won’t toss you around much. Catch the perfect wave, and you're in for the ride of your life, taking you from one end of the bay to another.

7. Sidi Kaouki, Essaouira

Wave Type:  Beach Break

Best Wind Direction: South

Difficulty Level: Beginners

Swell size: 2-5 ft

One of the most underrated spots in Morocco is Sidi Kaouki. It’s true; it’s not as great as Anchor Point or Boilers and not as gorgeous as you would have imagined, but it’s definitely a great place for beginners looking to catch their first surf. 

The place is located 30 km south of Essaouira. The northern tip of the shore is easily accessible and features a reef section that occasionally delivers some cool and hollow waves, while the rocky floor in the south keeps the waves in good form.

Surfing in Sidi Kaouki

If you really wanna enjoy this place, try surfing in the winter season, when you’ll find clean, rideable waves teamed up with a light offshore breeze. The cool thing is that the tide doesn't mess with the surf quality, so you’re good to go at any time.

Surfers can enjoy a carefree session because it never gets too crowded here. It’s a place where you can find consistent swells, especially when NW swells work with winds blowing from the South. Just keep an eye out for some sneaky rocks.

8. Plage Essaouira

Wave Type:  Beach Break

Best Wind Direction: East, N/E

Difficulty Level: Beginners, Intermediates

Swell size: 2-9 ft

Essaouira, the windy city of Africa, is a great surf spot for beginners. Plage Essaouira is a beautiful sandy beach that offers consistent small swells. It is surrounded by Mogador Island. As you start exploring the place, you are mostly surrounded by the smell of fish in the air. 

Also, on this iconic spot, you can see some beautiful blue fishing boats lined up together. People enjoy being involved in kite surfing, windsurfing, and other water sports. Don’t forget to taste the local mouthwatering cuisine.

Surfing in Plage Essaouira 

The surf conditions are not like any of the challenging spots of Taghazout. You can find chest-high breaks in colder months. The surfing season starts in September and continues till April.

For smaller swells, surfing near the lighthouse may work, and if you're in search of some challenging waves, consider surfing near the port. The best time to surf is when the offshore breeze direction from East, N/E converges with N/W swells.


Now you know the best surf places in Morocco for your next adventurous trip. All the spots are pretty close by, so you can enjoy surfing a new spot each day.  You can easily challenge yourself with epic waves of Killer Point or begin your surf journey at Plage Essaouira.

Those folks in Morocco don't just talk about surf culture, and they're livin’ it. You can find so many tourists roaming around the streets buying stuff. The markets are pretty cool, where you can buy food items and accessories. Morocco is also famous for its cheap surf camps that are quite warm-welcoming and provide excellent guidance and training. These surf spots will make you revisit Morocco year after year.

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