10 Health Benefits of Surfing To Keep You Riding the Waves

Surfing is one of the most popular water sports practiced by people of all ages across the world. It is considered an extreme sport where riding the sea or ocean waves by standing or lying low on the surfboard. Also, there are tons of health benefits people gain from surfing.

These health benefits are favorable to both the body and mind. Many people can attest that surfing is more than a sport or a hobby; it has also become a lifestyle. This way of life revolves around casual or competitive surfing and has since become quite popular.

But what are the health benefits people get from surfing that make it so addictive?

Well, here are the top 10 surfing health benefits that will make anyone wanna head on over to the beach and grab a surfboard.

Health Benefits On The Body

The body strengthens with any exercise or sport, and surfing is no different. In totality, surfing is a full-body workout because of how hardcore it is.

1. Increased Muscle Strength

Surfing takes a lot of energy and intense arm, leg, and core strength to make it happen. 

As surfers paddle across the sea or ocean, it takes excellent arm effort to go against the current. Similarly, balancing on the surfboard takes a toll on a surfer's core and legs.

Thus building muscles and burning tons of calories at the same time. Truly as an overall workout, surfing benefits a surfer's body by staying lean and fit.

2. Cardiovascular Fitness

Another body part that works out when surfing is the heart. Surfers can increase their heart rates as the heart tries to pump as much oxygen and blood throughout the body to keep up with the physical requirements of surfing.

Notably, having an active cardiovascular system makes it easier for surfers to breathe and take on the strenuous demands of the sport. 

3. Improves Flexibility, Balance, and Body Coordination

Another excellent surfing health benefit on the body is the vast improvement in a surfer's flexibility, balance, and body coordination.

Surfers increase their flexibility as their bodies stretch to stay on the surfboard in many ways. Likewise, balance is developed to ensure that surfers can ride out the waves no matter how high or extreme.

Additionally, body coordination is sharpened because senses are heightened when trying to stand on the surfboard, riding the waves, and keeping away from other surfers using quick reflexes.

4. A Healthy Dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential and proven for having a healthy immune system. The sun is the best source of it, especially when outdoors. The proper amount of vitamin D is needed to maintain strong bones, stay on the right body clock, and regulate mood.

Not only that, but Vitamin D also gives the body a quick rush of Serotonin that instantly brightens the mood. A nice bronzy tan would look nice together as surfers are ready to hold onto the waves. 

5. Coolness of Water Boosts The Immune System

Many people underestimate the power of cool water on the body. 

According to UCLA Health, immersing oneself in cold water improves the immune system. Firstly, blood circulation is also stimulated and delivers oxygenated blood throughout the body.

Secondly, it delays muscle soreness and washes out inflammation in the body. Overall, the coolness of water can relax our body tissues for therapeutic purposes.

6. Makes For Better Sleep

Increased exercise will guarantee a good night's sleep. Exercising, especially in the morning, allows the body to adjust to the upcoming activities. 

Surfers can regulate their body clocks by surfing in the early mornings or late afternoons. All the while getting their cardio workouts in, making sleep come a bit easier. As much surfing does not feel like regular exercise for most surfers, it still has all the advantages of a good fitness regime.

Establishing a good sleeping pattern improves a surfer’s reaction time, effectively decreasing the chances of injury. Thus making for a great time on the waves.

7. Salty Water Makes For Good Skin Exfoliant

The salty waters of the sea or ocean are an amazing natural exfoliator that removes dead skin from the body, leaving the skin smoother.

Medical News Today reports that salty water possesses nutrients like zinc, potassium, and magnesium, which help the skin battle conditions like eczema, skin allergies, and psoriasis. So, staying in the sea or ocean will give surfers better skin than expected.

Health Benefits On The Mind

Our minds are the control center of our entire being. Therefore, discovering sports and relishing in moments will definitely strengthen it. Surfing is no different because it produces more than happy hormones; it gives surfers the much-needed break and clarity that other activities don't.

8. Stress Beater

Living in a fast-paced society like today, people are often bustling around looking for the next thing to do, increasing stress levels tenfold. Physical activity has been proven time and time again to help reduce stress.

Exercising or participating in any sport relaxes the mind because of the stimulation between the hippocampus and amygdala. This also triggers the release of your happy hormones, whether Dopamine or Serotonin.

It is noticeable that most surfers have a very laid-back personality, which ultimately beats stress and anxiety.

9. Doses of Endorphins and Dopamine

Endorphins are the hormones or chemicals that relieve stress and pain. Our minds are always laser-focused on trying to stay away from stress and pain. Therefore, by doing happy things, the mind releases endorphins whenever there's stress or pain.

Activities commonly associated with endorphins are exercising, listening to music, laughing, eating chocolate, dancing, and meditating.

Dopamine, on the other hand, is the hormone or chemical that provides feelings of motivation, pleasure, and satisfaction. It is what many call the happy or feel-good hormone.

It is often linked to getting enough sunlight, a good night's sleep, eating, and spending time in nature. Surfing hits both these hormones with ease.

10. Overall Mental Health Betterment

Given every example above, surfing does so much for the mental well-being of any person. From lowering stress to being outdoors to basking in happy hormones, surfing is an all-in-one sport that allows you to be physically and mentally fit.

Surfers are very much into the 'now' of the sport, and they get into a zone of complete presence without any external noise or what some people call mindfulness. Mastering mindfulness in action is a fantastic way to meditate and completely sync with the mind and body. Something that only some sports or activities accomplish.


Surfing is a unique sport that lures many people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, statuses, and ages. It's a sport that brings in both body and mind so that people transform it into a lifestyle in every sense of the word. These surfing health benefits are just the tip of the iceberg; surfing also serves as a human's way of being one with nature.

James Davis

Written by James Davis

I'm a true California local, and I've spent my life riding the waves along our stunning coastline. Surfing has always been my greatest love, and in my writing, I try to capture its genuine essence. My words aim to transport you into the heart of the surf culture, where the ocean and surfers come together in perfect harmony.

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