Top 14 Surf Brands Worldwide

Growing up, we all have witnessed surfing, be it from a cartoon show, movies, or at beaches. It has always been a dream for many kids. Every year, 35+ million people surf, and in the 2020 Olympics, surfing debuted as a sport. By entering into the Olympics, many countries will get to know about this beautiful sport and will even compete on the world stage. Let’s get to learn more about surfing.

Global Icons in the World of Surfing

We have further listed the best global surf brands based on several parameters:

1. Quicksilver

Surf Brands

One of the best surf brands in the world is Quicksilver, which is known for its high-quality products. Quicksilver’s motto is to make products that keep the surfers safe and healthy. The brand has always created an impact in the surfing industry and has inspired many young surfers since its inception in 1997.

They sell a variety of products like surf and snow clothing, sweatshirts, shoes, and other accessories. Quicksilver has always supported top athletes by sponsoring them in various events and contests. To make the world a better place, they even strive towards sustainability by using eco-friendly materials for their products.

The estimated revenue for Quicksilver stands at US$1.05 billion; despite being located in the US, its product is widely spread across the globe.

2. Rip Curl 

Just like Hawaii, Australia is known for its surfing, and so is its brand. Rip Curl goes way back in 1969 when it was founded by surfers for surfers. Every surfing enthusiast knows about their brand and has probably used it once in their life. They provide the best surf products as well as deliver the best customer service to their customers. They even are known to have the world’s best surf teams. 

The Australian brand is known for innovating the wetsuit technology and other high-quality materials surfers use these days. They even sell rash vests, spring suits, boardshorts, etc. They even offer a special search GPS watch which the surfers use to track their sessions. 

Along with surfing gear, they have even entered the business of t-shirts, shirts, shorts, hoodies, jackets, backpacks, etc., and they have been used by many customers worldwide. Their main target is to focus on the audience who loves outdoor sports and to build quality products for them. 

3. Hurley

Hurley is an Australian-based surf brand that was started in 1999. The brand has continuously fostered a link between the customers and the ocean, encapsulating the vibrant lifestyle of surfing. Hurley is known for its unparalleled wetsuits, board shorts, hoodies, pullovers, t-shirts, shorts, jackets, etc. 

It is known for its unmatched quality, offerings in a water-resistant category, and latest designs, among others. Hurley’s target audience has always been the youth who love to wear the latest and trendy surfwear. For its limited-edition collection, the Australia-based company collaborates with artists, influencers, and other brands. Hurley even supports and endorses professional athletes across different sports to stay relevant to its customers. 

Hurley manufactures eco-friendly and sustainable products. So, if you are someone who works towards the sustainability of the environment, then this brand is perfect for you. With its headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA, Hurley is an employer of over 660 employees with a revenue of US$99 million

4. Billabong

Billabong began in 1973 in Queensland, Australia, and is known to sell surfing gear all over the globe. The brand is globally recognized for the quality of its products as well as their durability.

The Queensland-based company even sponsors professional athletes, especially top surfers, and supports them throughout their careers. Billabong is keeping pace with the digital world as well. It keeps its loyal customer base engaged through its social media handles, events, and sponsorships.

The designs of their products are very trendy and aesthetic, which is being loved by the youth and the new generation of surfers. Its trending fashion can be attributed to the employees' demographics.  According to Zippia, Billabong loves to employ fresh graduates from the Fashion Institute of Technology, making up nearly 11.5% of the total employee population. It employs over 6000 people and generates approximately US$1.0 billion annually in revenue. 

5. Roxy 

Roxy is a brand that was started by Quicksilver, and its designs only focus on women’s wear for surf, snow, etc. They have a wide range of products like wetsuits, rash guards, swimsuits, surf boots, snow jackets, goggles, winter jackets, etc. 

Roxy was started with the motive of supporting female surfers and increasing their value in the surfing industry.

The quality of material used to manufacture the products takes care of the high demands required for outdoor activities. They even make sure that their products are environmentally friendly. They also engage in various campaigns and events to work towards sustainability. 

The company is growing consistently, with an employee growth of about 3.0% last year, 2022. The estimated annual revenue is currently at US$102.6 million. 

6. O’Neil  

O’Neil is probably the oldest surf brand in the world right now, and they are even known for inventing the first wetsuit. After that invention, they completely disrupted the water sports market and became the leader of the surf world.

O’Neil’s products connect with surf enthusiasts, both professionals and beginners. With years of experience, their product is known for its high-quality material. The brand offers a variety of products like outdoor wear, casual wear, surfwear, etc, which helps them target the young audience.

The products have aesthetic and trendy designs, making customers look cool for a social media post. They even see other accessories like hats, beanies, backpacks, sunglasses, sandals, etc.

7. Volcom

The last brand on the list is an American lifestyle company which was started in the year 1991. They have a wide range of products like clothing, shoes, collections, surf, swim, snow, etc. They even have gear and equipment for outdoor hiking, golf, and mountain biking. Under surfing, they sell wetsuits, rash guards, boardshorts, trunks, etc.

For women, they even sell bikinis, one-pieces, coverups, boardshorts, etc.

They are known for their unique patterns and designs of the products, which don’t follow the conventional style. Volcom has always successfully delivered good quality products to their customers, and they wish to continue delivering the same. Their products are specially made for outdoor sports, making them highly durable in rough conditions.

Volcon has its headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA, and currently employs 543 people with a revenue of US$380 million.

8. Channel Islands Surfboards 

This brand was started in 1969 by AI and Terry Merrick from Santa Barbara, a city near California in the United States. Unlike other brands, Channel Islands completely focuses on surfboards. They are known to provide the most advanced surfboards to dedicated surfers in the world. 

They have different sections of surfboards on their website, like shortboards, step-down/ groveler, hybrid, step-up/guns, and grom series. 

They even provide the luxury to build a custom surfboard for their customers, especially professional surfers. 

Channel Islands Surfboards is currently located at 36 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara, California, 93101, United States. Its revenue per year is US$11.2 million

9. Surftech

Surftech was started in 1989, and it has been 30+ years for the excellent innovation of its products. The brand’s motto has always been to unite surfers worldwide by using new tech and distribution techniques. This brand from the United States is known for using sustainable technology in its products and making surfers all over the world connect with the brand. 

Some of the technology used by them is Tuflite, true-ride, fusion-HD, Dual-Core, Air-travel, etc. With the help of these innovations, they enhance the surfing experience of a surfer. 

Surftech has its headquarters at 2720 Loker Ave. West # Q, Carlsbad, California 92010, US, and has 23 employees in total. Their total revenue is US$2 million

10. Vans 

We all know Vans as an American brand for skateboarding shoes, streetwear, etc. But this brand also entered the surfers' market. Vans was started in 1966 by Paul Van Foren and his partners. 

They are known to focus more on the action sports community and have a great influence on skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. They even support and encourage surfing through an event known as Vans Pipe Masters, which is a leadership competition between surfers. 

Vans has its headquarters at 1588 S Coast Dr, Costa Mesa, California 92626, US, and currently has 5,889 employees. Its annual revenue is US$330 million.

11. Firewire Surfboards

Firewire Surfboards was founded in 2006, and it currently has 33 employees. The goal of the brand is to elevate the surfing experience with new materials,  innovative designs, and advanced construction methods. 

They sell different types of surfboards, fins, and accessories like leashes, board bags, etc. The material used to manufacture their products emits 2% of the volatile organic compounds. The brand has also reduced 95% of the waste per board while manufacturing it. They constantly try to reduce the carbon footprint in all of their products and promote sustainability. 

Firewire Surfboards has its headquarters at 2270 Cosmos Ct Suite 120, Carlsbad, California 92011, US, and has a revenue of US$9 million

12. Lost Enterprises 

Lost Enterprises is a San Clemente, California-based brand that is known for selling surfboards and other surfwear products like hoodies, tees, pants, wovens, etc. As a customer, you can even get board shorts, beach shorts, walk shorts, pants, etc.  

Lost Enterprises is known for its innovative shapes and designs, which help surfers improve their skills as well as their surfing experience. To promote their brand, they have even sponsored and collaborated with professional surfers. 

With the brand they have, Lost Enterprises has a total revenue of US$4 million and has 64 employees working for them.

13. JS Industries 

JS Industries is an Australian-based surfboard manufacturing company and is known to produce high-quality surfboards. This brand has been in the market for so long that it has gained the reputation of crafting surfboards that fulfill the needs of professional surfers worldwide. 

They provide products like surfboards, hardware, wetsuits, apparel, soft goods, etc. They have different types of surfboards like Carbotune, HYFI 2.0, charger series, summer series, etc. Under hardware, they sell fins, leashes, and grips. They have wetsuits for men, women, and young boys. 

JS Industries has its headquarters at 8-64 Ourimbah Rd, Tweed Heads, New South Wales 2485, AU, and has a total of 42 employees. Their last noted revenue of a year was US$6 million.

14. Patagonia 

This American brand was founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard and is one of the leading outdoor brands in the world. It manufactures high-quality products which can be used for outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, skiing, surfing, etc. 

They have products for men, women, and kids. The products include jackets, vests, tops, bottoms, wetsuits, socks, underwear, etc. The wetsuits are super stretchier and durable for a surfer to wear comfortably. They are the first brand in the world to make Yulex wetsuits. 

Patagonia has its headquarters at 259 W. Santa Clara Street, Ventura, California 93001, US, and has 3293 employees. They have incredible numbers in the revenue which is up to US$1.7 billion.


This is just a taste of some of the incredible brands shaping the surfing world, providing you with details on budget style and needs to consider when making your choice. Whether you are hitting the beach or just curving up concrete, these are the go-to brands to get you riding on the surf scene. Riding the perfect wave is all about finding the brand that provides the best board that fits you. Explore and discover your own surf and style.

Surfing has been growing gradually over the years in the world, and adding it as a sport in the Olympics plays a major role. It’ll introduce this sport to many countries who have no idea what surfing is and its rules. This article will help beginners get some basic knowledge about surfing, its gears, and the top brands to purchase the equipment from. So, make sure to research thoroughly before jumping into the cold waters.

Ruchi Gupta

Written by Ruchi Gupta

Ruchi is an expert content writer covering finance, and business. She is located in New Zealand, and she has followed markets and public companies for more than 15 years She has written for Benzinga, Zacks Investment Research, Barchart, and Inquisitr among others.

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