Top 10 Reasons Why Surfing is Good For You

Out of all the watersport activities you can try, surfing is arguably the most physically demanding yet rewarding of them all. Sure, it may sound like an activity for adrenaline junkies, but in reality, there are about 10 awesome reasons why surfing is great for you.

If you are looking for a different way to start a healthy lifestyle, then look no further.  While considered to be an extreme sport, surfing is something that people should experience at least once in their lives. Conquer your fear of the ocean in style!

By the end of this article, you will have an idea of what surfing can do for you, as well as the associated risks associated with the sport. Are the risks worth taking? Is it really safe to surf? All these will be answered as you read on.

10 Reasons Why Surfing is Awesome

Why Surfing is Good For You

Only a handful of extreme sports can drastically improve your overall well-being, and surfing is one of them. For many people, surfing is a stress killer as it offers them tranquility amidst the chaos, and for others, it’s the best medicine for their mental health.

If you are looking for the best reasons to try surfing, take a quick peek at the benefits of this activity. Here are the top 10 reasons to try surfing:

1. Physical Fitness

Surfing may look easy for the untrained eye, but it’s very physically demanding. One of the best perks of surfing is helping you get into tip-top shape. Expect to improve your shoulders, back, core, and legs as you continue this magnificent journey.

2. Cardiovascular Health

Apart from growing muscles, surfing also helps improve your cardiovascular health, especially when you paddle away from the shore and into the waves. Doing this activity for an extended amount of time will eventually lead to a fitter, healthier you.

3. Stress Reduction

Apart from the physical benefits of surfing, it’s also great for the mind and soul. In fact, some surfers believe that water meditation through yoga and surfing are very similar to each other. There’s nothing more relaxing and satisfying than riding the waves after a stressful week.

4. Mental Focus

Presence of mind and concentration are some of the qualities you’ll have to work on when learning how to surf. Because of how unpredictable the waves can be, being in the moment and being able to make quick decisions are some of the traits that you’ll naturally get with surfing.

5. Improved Balance

One of the best lessons that surfing can provide you is the ability to master your balance. Sure, learning how to balance at first can be quite daunting, and it takes time, but with enough practice, you can learn the surf dynamics with enough balance and body coordination.

6. Vitamin D

If you start surfing regularly, you will know that the best time to catch waves is during the morning. Your body can benefit from a daily dose of Vitamin D. This vitamin is responsible for boosting your immune system, maintaining bone health, and improving your mood.

7. Social Connections

Surfing is an activity that different walks of life appreciate. If you are looking to expand your social circle with like-minded people, then it’s safe to say that you will find your crowd in this sport. Despite your background and differences, there’s always something to appreciate.

8. Environmental Awareness

One of the perks of surfing in open waters is getting to appreciate the biodiversity of our surroundings. Respecting the sea and its marine life comes naturally to those who have fallen in love with the sport. Give it a try if you feel like connecting with nature.

9. Confidence Booster

Being able to face your fears and ride the wave is a very liberating feeling, and just like with any other sport, your confidence grows the more you do it. If you are looking to improve your self-esteem, then surfing can help you with that.

10. Increased Endorphins

One of the biggest benefits of surfing is providing you with a happy feeling akin to a “runner’s high.” When you undergo intense physical activities, your brain releases endorphins that are packed with plenty of benefits.

Safety Precautions to Keep in Mind When Surfing

While surfing can be fun and exciting for a lot of adrenaline chasers, it’s very important to be aware of the dangers that this sport presents. Here are the most common dangers that you should be aware of.


Arguably, it is the most common accident that surfers have to take extra precautions with. Despite wearing life preservers or leashes, drowning is still possible every time you set foot on your surfboard. Always be mindful of your surroundings before committing to the wave.

Rogue Wave and Riptides

Rogue waves and riptides are the surfer’s worst nightmare. It’s important to check weather conditions prior to your surf session. If you’re still a beginner, only surf when the weather is clear and calm. Leave the advanced waves to the skillful surfers.

Other Surfers and their equipment

Sometimes, learning how to float isn’t enough to keep you safe from surfing. Being aware of your surroundings is more important, especially when surfing with multiple people. Make sure that the wave you’re riding won’t be obstructed by paddling surfers and bystanders.

Tangled Leash

While unavoidable, it’s very important to pay attention to your leash whenever you’re about to catch a wave. There’s nothing scarier than a tangled leash that you have no control over as the waves hit.

Marine Life

Since surfing is mostly done in open waters, there’s always a possibility to encounter marine life during these sessions. Jellyfish, sea snakes, and sharks are the most common species surfers encounter on a regular basis. Be wary of your surroundings to avoid life-threatening situations.

Is Surfing for you?

Just like any other sport, learning to surf takes a lot of time, patience, and money. However, if you have experience with skateboarding (especially longboarding), then transferring your skills to a totally new sport shouldn’t take a long time.

If you are totally comfortable with the risks presented above, then it’s safe to say that surfing is something you should give a try. The perks associated with surfing are far greater than the risks presented, and there’s always a valuable lesson to learn at the end of each session.

While there is plenty of advice given to beginners, the best one to remember is to always respect the ocean, regardless of your skills. The good news is that there are plenty of surf spots around the world that can cater to your skill level. 

Just enjoy the experience and let surfing transform you.

James Davis

Written by James Davis

I'm a true California local, and I've spent my life riding the waves along our stunning coastline. Surfing has always been my greatest love, and in my writing, I try to capture its genuine essence. My words aim to transport you into the heart of the surf culture, where the ocean and surfers come together in perfect harmony.

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