Does Surfing Make You Look Younger?

Surfing, like all other physically demanding sports, has incredible benefits. Not only will you become stronger the more you do it, but you will also become more resilient and healthy as you master the waves.

But how does surfing affect your appearance? Will it make you look younger or older? And why does it have any effect on how you look?

In this article, we will take a look at how surfing may alter people’s appearances and answer any and all questions regarding the topic at hand.

Does Surfing Make You Look Younger?

The short answer is yes, surfing does make you look young. Just as with any other physical sport, regular surfing does keep you fit, which means you may appear younger than your actual age.

This is due to gaining a more muscular physique through exercise, which is generally considered to be a youthful quality. In addition to that, regular outdoor activities, such as taming the waves, can energize you, which may give the impression to others that you are younger than you are

If you care about appearances, surfing is also an extreme sport that is associated with adolescents and teenagers. As such, performing the activity regularly will make you appear more youthful in the eyes of many.

In addition to the exercise, outdoor surfing has the added benefit of the sun and fresh ocean air. While the former gives you a nice natural tan, the latter is generally healthy to inhale, making you both look and feel more youthful.

Remember that the most important factor is that you feel good in your own body. If you feel that surfing makes you happier and you see the desired health and body image benefits you seek, that’s the only thing that matters.

To summarize, surfing makes you look and feel younger due to the following:

  • It builds muscles
  • It energizes you
  • It is considered youthful
  • It makes you healthier and stronger
  • Outdoor surfing gives you a tan

How Does Surfing Make You Look Younger?

Surfing makes you look younger, just like any other cardiovascular sport would. As you regularly practice the sport itself and exercise, you will naturally build body mass and burn excess fat on your body. This can knock a few years off you as muscular bodies are associated with younger people.

In addition to looking younger, you’ll feel younger. As you surf, you will build endurance, resistance, and resilience. As your lung capacity grows, your stamina will as well, and you’ll feel much stronger if you stick to a regular training regime. The adrenaline during surfing will also make you more energized.

Water sports are generally good exercises, and surfing is no exception. The moves that you practice during surfing are key and efficient maneuvers when it comes to muscle building and fat burning. Some of the most important ones are the following:

  • Paddling
  • Core strength building
  • Body balancing
  • Swimming

How Can You Look Younger With Surfing?

If you want to look younger by surfing, commitment is key. A regular and sensible exercise plan is important if you want to achieve and maintain your desired looks. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t jump into deep water immediately and build up your expertise slowly.

More doesn’t always mean better, as you shouldn’t surf every day, especially as a beginner. If you rush the process, you might injure yourself, having the opposite of the wanted effect. If you are at an expert level, you can try it, but you should know your physical limitations and desired appearance.

If you want to look younger with surfing, you should also consider supplementing this activity. A healthy diet, adequate sleeping schedule, proper warm-up, and other various exercises go a long way in turning back the years.

Can Surfing Make You Look Older?

While surfing itself can have a positive effect on your looks, the activity comes with external factors that achieve the opposite. As said earlier, the sun can give you a good-looking tan, but lengthy and frequent exposure also makes your skin wrinkle faster. As surfers spend a lot of their time under the sun, they are especially at risk of that happening.

The salty water can also damage both your hair and scalp. While it does look beautiful just after coming out of the water, it gets dry and knotty after a while. Without proper hair care, frequent exposure to saline water can cause long-term damage.

You can combat these factors by taking the necessary precautions. Use sunscreen to negate the harmful effects of the sun. It’s also advised to take a shower after exposure to salty water, washing your hair and scalp with extra care. By doing these you are much more likely to enjoy the benefits of surfing without the downsides.

Should You Surf to Look Younger?

Definitely! If you are into extreme sports, the beach, and the ocean, surfing is both an enjoyable and a useful hobby to achieve your goals. Remember to be patient with yourself, especially if you are only starting. If you take it one step at a time and supplement your surfing with healthy habits, you will eventually get a reinvigorated look in your appearance.


Like other sports, surfing can make you look younger. As a full-body cardiovascular sport, it helps you build a muscular body which is generally considered to be youthful. With regular exercise,  you will also become healthier and stronger, so you’ll not only look but feel young as well. You can supplement these efforts with conscious efforts such as a healthy diet or getting enough sleep.

If you are not careful, surfing can make you look older as well. Long exposure to the sun can make your skin wrinkly at a younger age, and not washing your hair after swimming in saline water can dry it out and damage it. Take the necessary precautions, such as applying sunscreen and taking showers after surfing, to negate the negative effects of surfing.

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